It's hard to write good
Tender Responses.

But if you want Public Sector wins,
you've got to get good at them.

First, find the right tender to respond to.


  • Read the whole tender for the important points
  • Assemble your team
  • Agree a solution
  • Get everybody to document their parts of the solution
  • Pull that all into a coherent Tender Response
  • Chase up all the people who haven’t done their work yet
  • Get the pricing completed
  • Spend hours polishing and correcting everything
  • Find all the appendices that need to be completed
  • Submit the response 2 minutes before the deadline...

And you still might lose.

And then... you start all over again.

That sucks.
But there is a better way.

The Complete Tender Toolkit is a straightforward, step by step guide for:

  • All the preparation you need to do,
  • Finding the right tenders,
  • Getting the most out of your team to tell a story,
  • Creating a response document that delights your client,
  • Doing all this in a manageable schedule,
  • and ultimately winning more business.

All in a regularly updated, online guide.

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